Ben, Student

The talks that I have had with my therapist have allowed me to reflect and build upon lessons I have learned which have helped me to strengthen the relationship I have with my parents.

Emotional Growth

Whetstone boys arrive with a wide range of social/emotional skills needed for successful interactions. Some have all the component pieces needed for success, but they have not been using them. Others may be very limited in their skills, literally lacking the basic building blocks necessary for successful interactions. The Wheel to Success program is designed to allow students to be on a continual cycle of growth. Through practice and positive reinforcement, the child can easily build competence in these areas. Students will advance at different rates as a result of their individual needs and ability.

Whetstone believes that individuals are able to make choices and have personal responsibility for their choices. Students (and staff) are held accountable for the choices they make. The underlying assumption that we do have the ability to make choices is essential to being able to change.  For the children the first choice they must make at Whetstone Academy is to trust.