Bugs Utsey

Bugs Utsey

Bugs is the culinary teacher at Maple Hall Academy. He grew up in Charleston, SC, where he studied classical piano performance at an art high school. He then attended Columbia College in Chicago, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in photography.

His interest in cooking began at an early age when he would spend time with his mother and grandmothers in their kitchens. They taught him how to cook, and it has since become a lifelong passion. This passion coincides with his love of gardening, and he loves to use fresh ingredients from his garden when preparing meals. He enjoys researching new recipes, preparing authentic dishes from around the world, and feeding his friends and family.

Along with teaching our students how to prepare meals in the kitchen, he is excited to show them how to grow some of their own vegetables in our gardens and encourage them to try new foods.

Outside of work, he is an avid gardener, plays the piano, goes hiking with his husband and two dogs, and of course, cooks.

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