Sarah Dalton

Sarah Dalton

Sarah is the English Language Arts teacher at Maple Hall Academy. She is the product of a military family, born and raised on naval bases scattered up and down the East Coast. After settling into a sleepy town in Connecticut during high school, she soon traded the small-town life for the city. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Southern Connecticut State University while living and working as a vegan/vegetarian cook in New Haven.

She kicked off her teaching career as a Hatha yoga instructor in college, but it was her move to Shenzhen, China, in 2018 that genuinely inspired her passion for teaching. While abroad, she began teaching English as a Second Language to students ranging from 3 years old to 50–toddlers to CEOs. That passion has grown and since led her to her role here at Maple Hall Academy.

Outside of the classroom, Sarah finds leisure in hiking with her pup, painting with watercolors, reading mystery novels, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. 

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