Neuro-PT at Whetstone Academy

Whetstone proudly offers SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training (Neuro-PT) as an optional service for our students.

What is Neuro-PT?

SYMMETRY (Neuro-PT) uses neurofeedback to re-pattern the way the brain responds to internal and external impulses. Enrollees in SYMMETRY Neuro-PT will take part in a series of 30-60 sessions where in a passive, relaxed way, they receive visual and auditory feedback based on their brainwave activity, which helps re-pattern neural pathways. These sessions allow the brain to learn to reignite and reconfigure dysregulated neural pathways. Personality endures, but awareness and adaptive responses are cultivated.


We start with a specialized qEEG brain map to determine which networks of your son’s brain are optimal and which are dysregulated. Our qEEG brain map is a process of recording brain wave activity and analyze extensively to produce an informative report. This helps our team customize your son’s sessions based on exactly what is going on in his brain wave activity. With regular SYMMETRY Neuro-PT sessions, your son’s brain will become aware of the process on a subconscious level. His brain will adapt slowly but efficiently, calming the central nervous system and optimizing brain function with long-lasting positive changes.

Backed by over 50 years of research

As a science, neurofeedback has developed over the last 50 years and advanced technology creates the ability to analyze the brain and how it works. The system used categorizes the types of brain waves to analyze the factors that go into a person’s overall brainwave patterns. Like muscles need conditioning to grow, SYMMETRY uses this technology to create personalized training programs to strengthen and guide your brainwaves. The goal is to help the brain better regulate itself, thus often alleviating disruptive symptoms and behaviors through a non-medical and non-diagnostic way. View the research:

How Neuro-PT Works

Unpredictable progress, tentative results and frustration can accompany any parent of a child who suffers from Brainwave Dysregulation. Brainwave Dysregulation manifests in such a variety of behaviors and responses that treatment has been burdened with misunderstanding. Many aliases have been applied, including, “fails to achieve potential,” “disruptive in class,” and “ADD.” Using neurofeedback, and the brain’s own remarkable capacity to develop and flourish, SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training takes the client through a guided process of sight and sound that prompts the brain to reconfigure and ignite new connections. SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training cultivates existing neural pathways and encourages development of others in response to visual and auditory stimuli. As a result, the brain’s response to internal motivation – as well as to the outside world – becomes more focused and productive. This non-invasive solution is painless, drugless, free of harmful side effects and produces noticeable improvements.