In their own words, hear what our parents and students have to say about Whetstone Academy.

Ben, Student.

”The talks that I have had with my therapist have allowed me to reflect and build upon lessons I have learned which have helped me to strengthen the relationship I have with my parents.”

It’s almost impossible to describe the transformation our family has experienced since Whetstone. What were days of anger, fear, separation and confusion have been replaced with tolerance, understanding, communication and inner peace. While we still face challenges regularly, we are able to work through them even when it is incredibly difficult. We now have a tool box to work with, so to speak.


The Ben who went to Whetstone and the Ben who returned are worlds apart. He is evolving into the very best version of himself, and we are trying to follow in his footsteps. Thank you to all of the amazing staff who embraced him and guided us on this journey.

~ Cricket, Mother.

Lawson, Student.

”Therapy is needed in life. Life without therapy is more difficult than it should be. Therapy at Whetstone has opened new doors for me. Whetstone can provide you with the tools to thrive!”

We are so amazed at seeing the impact of Whetstone, aided by a recent medication change and wilderness.  We are so happy with the great place our son is in, out of his defensiveness, open to feedback, looking to learn, and having a group of friends.
His father and I could not be happier.  We feel incredibly blessed.  We know there is more to go and a lot to be solidified, but we are just so excited for his future and the future of our family.

~ Carmel, Current Parent

Collin, Student.

”While at Whetstone, I have learned to better use my coping skills for when I am struggling. I would recommend Whetstone to any of my friends who were struggling with anxiety.”

A student’s thank you.

Adam, Father.

”We sent our son to Whetstone this summer to address some issues that were negatively affecting him and his family. By the first visit in fall we already saw marked improvements in his behavior, accountability, maturity and a positive outlook on his future. We couldn’t be happier that Whetstone is giving him the opportunity and training to realize his full potential, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Thank you so much!”

This Christmas was the sixth month marker since our son has been away from home. As some of you know, he is in a 9-12 month therapeutic boarding school in South Carolina. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited him almost monthly since August. Tomorrow, he goes back to SC and will be home again in March for spring break. He has what was formerly labeled as Asperger’s but is now called high functioning autism. Along with that diagnosis come a whole bunch of others. This poor boy has been on almost every medication there is since the age of 4. He’s seen countless doctors and therapists. Nothing worked for him. We were at a dead end and didn’t know where to turn. Who to turn to. Or what to do. How could we save our son? What could we do to make his life better? All of the “experts” we consulted were a dead end. They just pumped him full of meds and when one didn’t work, tried another. He was lost. Scared and out of options. Through a wonderful special needs educational consultant we found his school, Whetstone Academy. And in the past 6 months he’s been there he has totally been transformed. The owner, his therapist, and the staff take the time to get to know each boy and bring them back to life. Where there was darkness behind his eyes, there is now light. He’s become a voracious reader. He’s back to playing the guitar. He takes care of animals on the farm. He takes pride in cleaning out the pigeon coop. He’s formed lasting friendships with his peers. He’s learned to regulate his moods. He trusts people and they trust him back. He has self confidence. He now has purpose. That boy in the photo standing next to his grandparents on Christmas Day is light years away from the boy he was last Christmas. I’m sad to see him go back tomorrow. But at the same time I’m filled with happiness and joy at the thought of his going back to his friends and everyone at Whetstone. Because I know this is where he needs to be right now. And it’s not forever. And I’ll see him in February. I am so proud of the young man he’s becoming. This is all I ever wanted for him. And most of all, I’m so damn grateful to Whetstone for saving our Son.

~ Gabrielle, Current Parent