Equine-Assisted Therapy

Maple Hall Academy offers a full Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT) program at our 15-acre farm, Cedar Hill Farm. This program offers treatment that includes equine activities and/or an equine environment in order to promote physical, social, and emotional growth. 

Equine Therapy

Working with horses

EAT will benefit our students who have ADD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, trauma, behavioral issues and many other mental health problems. Equine-Assisted Therapy can help the child build confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and learn boundaries.

Since the horses have similar behaviors with humans, such as social and responsive behaviors, it is easy for our students to create a connection with the horse.

At Cedar Hill Farm, we have not only horses, but goats, potbelly pigs, steers and many types of fowl for the students to interact with.

Cedar Hill Farm also provides a place for our Parent Seminars, recreation, and a beautiful creek with a waterfall.

Cedar Hill Farm is our 15 acre facility
Students giving goats medications
A student with Lil Buck, our steer